An Introduction

Welcome to Second Opinions!

Few that dare scroll below that austere black-and-white header ever return. Not because there’s anything horrific below, mind, but mostly just because this blog is very wordy and not at all apologetic about that fact.

Second Opinions is run by two brothers with a silly surname and different worldviews. One is a somewhat left-of-centre history student, and the other is a full-time web developer who veers somewhat right of the centre.

This blog is a more of a melting pot for any and all topics of interest rather than a blog with any one topic. Our aims are simple – to educate and stimulate debate. We don’t mind playing devil’s advocate for unpopular ideas, but we’d rather present informative and interesting posts rather than the kind of misleading and uncited dross you find in so many blogs and “newspapers.” If you like your opinions hard-hitting and “edgy”, perhaps you’d get more enjoyment from the tab and the Guardian’s facebook comment section. If not, we’d quite like it if you took a look through our ramblings from time to time.

Topics likely to come up frequently are politics (particularly the upcoming British General Election), current affairs and religion. Whatever we may blog about, we promise we won’t ever go full-TMZ.

Lots of love,

The Second Opinions team


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